“I went from one lead per week to one every 8 minutes.”
Ready to turn YOUR website into a growth machine?
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Hi. I'm Jess and I'll be your host.
My mission is to help entrepreneurs stop wasting money on faulty websites.

You know how frustrating and even embarrassing it is when you spend months creating your website, launch, and get underwhelming results? 

I think everyone that visits this page does.
The truth is… what used to work: create a website, then do marketing, doesn’t work anymore. 

That’s why I created a system to eliminate all this wasted effort and money.

It’s called The Imperfect Website. 

It’s the exact system I followed to turn my own situation around… in just two months I went from getting only one lead per week to one every 8 minutes! 

Like clockwork!

Now, this isn’t luck. And it isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Trust me, I work hard like every other entrepreneur.

The difference between my website giving me anxiety and giving me freedom is FOCUS.

My business is growing because of one Facebook Ad and one page on my website. 

You see…

Instead of staying in the Marketing Rat Race… trying more and more and more – Instagram, Google Adwords, Facebook posts, blogging, and SEO… more SEO.

I stopped and focused on ONE THING at a time. Just one. Got that working and then moved on to the next one thing.

Before I knew it, I had unlocked my website.

I’m now generating new customers and watching my business grow 24/7. (well, not literally watching 24/7… I do sleep, but you get the point :-)

It’s exhilarating! And I’m really proud of myself. I mean, I’m an entrepreneur and I’m realizing my dream. How cool is that?!

My favorite part is that it’s not rocket science, I KNOW you can do it too.

In this LIVE workshop, I don’t hold anything back — we’ll go over all the good stuff that my clients are paying me 10’s of thousands a month for.

I’m even sharing exactly how my exclusive ‘Growth Engine’ works (against my lawyer’s advice).

These are my trade secrets and I could be making A LOT more money if I kept them to myself, but let’s revisit my mission: To help entrepreneurs…

The only way I can accomplish that is to share everything. So you get access for FREE in my live workshop.

All I ask in return is that you show up. I mean REALLY show up because we’re both taking 90 minutes out of our day for this so let’s make it worth it.

At the end, my promise to you is that you’ll have the exact formula you need to get from where you are now to that profitable, customer producing website — giving you new leads, downloads, and sales in an automated way.
My customers are saying
"Best advice ever! My ads are skyrocketing."
Duke - Entrepreneur
"Wow. I learned more in that session than I have in a long time!"
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
"I shared this with several others already. You have a welcoming ease about you which is rare in the industry. I can’t wait to see the improvements on our recently released site."
Todd - Creative Director, Podcaster
“This is exactly the sort of information I need. I knew what A/B testing my site was but didn’t have a clue how to go about wrapping my brain around it. Thank you!”
Matthew - Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant
“You mean I should stop all the other marketing that’s not working? DONE!”
Heather - Entrepreneur
“Marketing is not the weak link, say wah?! This is revolutionary thinking!”
Molly - Marketing Director
You have a dream... is your website holding you back?
Please join me! I’d love to show you how The Imperfect Website works
and how YOU can turn your own website into a growth machine.
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